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Pest Control Services in Media, PA

In 2006, Media joined 300 other European towns in becoming a fair trade city. Media is the first fair trade town in the United States. To be able to meet the requirements to become a fair trade town, Media passed a council resolution that was in support of fair trade ad how it would make sure that fair trade products were available locally. Found 13 miles west of Philadelphia, the borough of Media is located in and the county seat of Delaware County, Pennsylvania. Media has an estimated population of around 5,300 residents as of the 2010 census.

Pest Control Services in Media, PA
Emergency Pest Control in Media

Emergency Pest Control in Media, PA

When pests are running around your home, you need to have the pest control experts you can trust to save your Media home when you are in an emergency situation. Source Termite & Pest Control is the pest control expert company you are looking for, we will help your home in Media when you find yourself in these troubling situations involving pests. Our pest control team is always ready 24/7 to come and assist your Media home from being ruined or damaged by any pests found.

If you immediately need a pest control service in the Media area, visit our Emergency page for more details, or call us at (484) 467-6250.

Remove Pests From Your Media Home

It’s never a one-time event in your life to protect or remove any pests from your Media home. All kinds of pests can make their way into your Media home without you even noticing. Don’t worry though, that is where Source Termite & Pest Control comes in to help our Media residents. You want to remove any pests from your home as soon as you notice them before they can cause any further damage to your Media home which could become costly if left unchecked. 

At Source Termite & Pest Control, we ensure that all of our clients will be able to live comfortably again knowing that the pests are under control on your Media home or business property. We offer plans to prevent pest invasions from ever happening at your Media home now and in the future.

Pest Control for your Media Home
Pest Control in Media, PA

Commercial Pest Control in Media

Here at Source Termite & Pest Control, we utilize top-of-the-line and cutting-edge methods that will remove any pests that are causing problems on your Media commercial property that have been causing damage. Each of our team of pest control experts is trained to do an inspection upon arrival at your Media commercial property and after review, provide a Pest Management Plan that will be cost-effective and protect your business for the future. Our Pest Management Plan will be based around your Media business and how it operates.

Monthly or quarterly scheduled maintenance visits are highly recommended to ensure the prevention of any future pest problems in your Media business.