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Pest Control Services in Main Line, PA

The Philadelphia Main Line, or just Main Line by the locals, is a series of highly affluent suburbs all built along the once prestigious Philadelphia Railroad Main Line. The railroad would run from Center City Philadelphia to Lancaster Avenue or U.S. Route 30. The railroad first connected all the Main Line towns back in the 19th century. The area became known for the sprawling country estates belonging  to Philadelphia’s wealthiest families. Over the past decade, the area was referred to as “Old Money”. Main Line today is home to the wealthiest communities in Pennsylvania such as Gladwyne, Radnor, and Villanova. 

Main Line, PA Pest control Services
Emergency Pest Control in Main Line

Emergency Pest Control in Main Line, PA

With pests running around your home, you may be in an emergency situation where you need them controlled immediately. Source Termite & Pest Control will be there for you in these troubling situations. Our pest control team is ready 24/7 to come and help your Main Line home from being destroyed by pests any further.

If you are in immediate need of a pest control service in the Main Line area, visit our Emergency page for more details, or call us at (484) 467-6250.

Commercial Pest Control in Main Line, PA

Source Termite & Pest Control utilizes proactive and cutting-edge processes to better help remove pests from your Main Line business who have been a nightmare in a variety of ways. We will perform a full inspection of your business facility and afterwards, we will provide a extensive and cost effective Integrated Pest Management plan, that will protect your Main Line commercial property from future pests.

Monthly or quarterly scheduled maintenance visits are highly recommended to ensure the prevention of any future pest problems in your Main Line business.

Pest Control in Main Line, PA
Pest Control for your Main Line Home

Remove Pests From Your Main Line Home

Pests of all kinds can make their way into your home without you knowing sometimes. When this happens, the damage that can be done to your Main Line home can possibly cost more to fix than simply removing them. That’s why it’s crucial that you look for help immediately after noticing you have a pest problem within your home.

At Source Termite & Pest Controlwe ensure that all of our clients will be able to live comfortabtely again knowing that the pests are under control.